Terms and Conditions for Admissions in Online Virtual Class Room for CAF September 2021


 Dear student, your registration, as an online student of RISE Online Virtual Classroom, will give you the right to use the course material (including lecture videos, class notes, test, solutions etc.) developed by RISE Premier School of Accountancy for September 2021 attempt of ICAP only.
This permission is subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. You will be provided classroom recorded lectures, to give you a real experience of learning same like you are present in the classroom.
  2. On average, you will be provided 6 lectures in a week. Normally, these lectures will be uploaded on daily basis, however, sometimes there may be a delay due to unavoidable circumstances.
  3. To avoid heavy internet charges and buffering issues, RISE has developed a model to provide you with a licensed download option available on each video lectures which you can play on your registered device (Windows or Android) at HD quality without internet connection. You will not make illegal copies or record and distribute our video lectures using any software or other technology. Further, you will not display publicly any of the contents of the course (neither for commercial purpose nor for any other purpose).
  4. For identification purpose, user log-in details will appear on every lecture played on screen.
  5. Once you download lectures, you can play videos with Xvast browser only  without any internet connection.
  6. You can watch video lectures on a single device i.e., Computer (Operating system Microsoft Windows), or Mobile (Operating system of Android). Please note that IOS and Apple devices are not supported to our online system.
  7. You will not be allowed to misuse of online portal by allowing others to view lectures and other study material. Simultaneously, Use of a single account by various users will result in cancellation of registration in online classes. Our online database maintain a system log of each user along with an IP address.
  8. In case of breach of any of the above conditions, the login of a user will be blocked and legal as well as disciplinary action may be initiated against the user. The case may also be referred to ICAP for further appropriate action in this regard.
  9. The fee paid for online lectures is non-refundable, non-adjustable and non-transferable to any other subject.
  10. Our course material will remain available till the examination date of the relevant paper.
  11. A WhatsApp group will be created which will be managed by relevant teacher for the students regarding subject related queries. By contract, a teacher is bound to respond to these queries three days after the last lecture uploaded on portal after that teacher is not bound to reply.
  12. Online students can only attempt test at home and can upload scanned images of their test at our online portal. A test can be submitted and marked only once, means student are not allowed to re attempt online test. Online students are not allowed to appear in physical testing system at RISE. The test will be marked and return through LMS within seven days. No test will be marked if submitted after 31st July 2021 in any case.
  13. Technical support will be provided from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.
  14. If a student wants to switch on another device due to any reason Rs. 1,000 will be charged per change of device.
  15. If fee Installment is not paid within the due date RISE will reserve the right to block your lectures without any notice till the clearance of dues.
  16. Student can pay his fee in two Installments.
    1. First Installment (Rs. 8,000/- per subject) at the time of admission. If full amount of first installment is not paid your form will not be entertained and no call will be received from Rise Premier School of Accountancy for any deficiency.
    2. Second Installment (Rs. 12,000/- per subject) within three days of ICAP result.
    3. If 2nd installment is not paid on due date mentioned above your registration in online classes will be automatically cancelled without any notice to you.