Instructions for Video Lectures (Must Read All Students) 

  1. Video Lectures will only play on XVast browser. (download XVast from given button below or from
  2. You can only play videos on maximum 1 devices. Once you play a lecture your device will be registered and can not be changed.
  3. You can download and play lectures offline as well.
  4. Once downloaded right click and open in XVast browser to play the file.  (See how to play downloaded lecture ->

1. Download Xvast Browser for Windows

2. Download Xvast Browser for android

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Free Sample Video Lectures




caf-01-- Introduction To Accounting
CAF-02-- Intro To Economics And Finance
CAF-03-- Business Law
CAF-04-- BM & BS
CAF-05-- Financial Accounting & Reporting-I
CAF-06-- Principles Of Taxation
CAF-07-- Financial Accounting & Reporting-II
CAF-08-- Cost And Management Accounting
CAF-09-- Audit And Assurance

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