Rise CA Fee Structure

If you want to learn more about accountancy, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our credibility so fast. Look our economical fee structure.

Registration Fee : Rs. 8,000


Assessment of Fundamental competencies (AFC)

AFC-1 Functional English (Rs. 17000)
AFC-2 Business Communication (Rs. 13000)
AFC-3 Quantitative Techniques (Rs. 25000)
AFC-4 Information Technology (Rs. 12000)

TOTAL (Rs. 67000*)

*Fee Include CBE Preparation Charges


Multi Subject Assessments

MSA-1 Financial Reporting Professional Competence (Rs. 20000)

MSA-2 Audit Professional Competence (Rs. 20000)


.Certificate In Accounting And Finance (CAF)

CAF-1 Introduction To Accounting (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-2 Intro To Economics And Finance (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-3 Business Law (M.Law) (Rs. 8,500)
Business Law (C.Law) (Rs. 8,500)
CAF-4 BM & BS (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-5 Financial Accounting & Reporting-I (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-6 Principles Of Taxation (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-7 Financial Accounting & Reporting-II (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-8 Cost And Management Accounting (Rs. 17,000)
CAF-9 Audit And Assurance (Rs. 17,000)

TOTAL (Rs. 153,000*)


.Certified Finance And Accounting Professional (CFAP)

CFAP-1 Advance Accounting & FR (Rs. 18000)
CFAP-2 Corporate Laws (Rs. 18000)
CFAP-3 BM & Strategy (Rs. 18000)
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decision (Rs. 18000)
CFAP-5 Advanced Taxation (Rs. 18000)
CFAP-6 Audit, Assurance & (Rs. 18000)

TOTAL (Rs. 108000*)