RISE which is globally recognized by the ICAP is making its ways by achieving medals and certificates. Leader of the Future


RISE SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY has the best faculty among the other colleges. We provide excellence regardless of class, cast and texture.


We have the best infrastructure among the rest of the institutions in lahore and we provide as best as required by our students and faculty.


We have the state of art separate libraries for boys and girls which indulge students itself to focus and study beyond the way they like.

Computer Lab

The Computer Labs we have are the source of getting in touch with up to date knowledge and to enhance students feasibility with online exam preparation.

Girls Common Room

We facilitate here the girls to maintain their privacy and discussions in the separate areas to keep the environment safe and sound.

Testing System

We have the state of art separate rooms for boys and girls to conduct their academic test in testing rooms where students can take exams without and agitation.

About Rise School of Accountancy

The acronym “RISE” stands for resurgence and intuition for strategic excellence. This is the mission we have set before us to revive an insight among the students so that they may procure thought-out luminosity and be above the rest.

RISE SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY was established in July, 2008 and  is one of the leading institutions playing a pivotal role in the promotion of professional accountancy, commerce and business administration education in the country. We have highly competent experienced faculty and staff, state of the art facilities, Well furnished  and spacious campuses with homely atmosphere conducive to learning and healthy competition. 

Our Strength in AFC & CAF

AFC Students In Rise
CAF Students In Rise
ACCA Students in p3 and p7
CMA Students In Rise
CIA Students In Rise

About The RISE

The acronym “RISE” stands for RESURGENCE AND INTUITION FOR STRATEGIC EXCELLENCE.This is the mission we have set before us to revive an insight among the students so that they may procure thought-out luminosity and be above the rest.

Vision of RISE is to educate leaders, through learner-based teaching, which play pivotal role in growth, development and prosperity. 






Gold Medals


Merit Certificates

our Faculty

Amjad Bhatti


Adnan Rauf


muhammad asif


Umair Sheraz Uttra


Nasir Abbas


zia ul haq


Rise Events

RISE Departments

To run the institution the departments plays pivotal role to organize each and every form of work and acts like a back-bone.




Online Classes

Human Resource (HR)

Quality Assurance

Information Technology (IT)

RISE Workshop

Rise conducted training workshops for its students and its faculty. We believe to train harder and work easy. Moreover the trainings are also for Parents to sight the doings of its children.

Our Students say

"Rise is always a better oppurtunity for me to become an excellent professional and proves my talent and abilities with full confidence."
Amna Qureshi
Auditor in SCB
"The talent always lies inside you and this thing can be understand with rise school of accountancy because we as a student are nothing without our teachers and management"
fizza javed
CAF Topper
"With rise i am always feels this my second home because it gives me a chance to prove myself in industry and strengthen my weaknesses"
iftikhar amjad
internal auditor
"What we are today is what we represent tommorow. This feeling makes me proud and enhance me to make some enthusiastic move in my career with Rise"
tipu ansari
rise student