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Taxation (All Tests) By Sir Adnan Rauf

at 6pm



Test No:1 = TAXATION – TEST#1

Solution No:1 = TAX-SOLUTION-TEST#1

Test No:2 = TAXATION- TEST#2

Solution No:2 = TAX-SOLUTION-TEST#2

Test No:3 = TAXATION – TEST#3

Solution No:3 = TAXATION – TEST#3 Solution

Test No:4 = TAXATION – TEST#4

Solution No:4 = TAX-SOLUTION-TEST#4

Test No:5 = TAXATION – TEST#5

Solution No:5 = TAX-SOLUTION-TEST#5

Test No:6 = TAXATION – TEST#6

Solution No:6 = TAX-SOLUTION-TEST#6

Final Mock = TAXATION Final Mock

Solution Mock = TAXATION Final Mock Solution

Note: Remaining Online tests of FAR-2 and TAX will be uploaded on 1st and 2nd March.
The solutions of already uploaded tests will be made available soon.